About Us


Nachiketa Gurukul, (Regd.) is an institution. It is appropriate to clarify here that in mythological times there was a student of unique and intense intellect named Nachiketa. Under Gurukul poor, deprived but meritorious boys and girls are given the opportunity to study further.Presently 55 boys and girls selected from three states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are doing residential studies in this Gurukul. About 20 talented boys and girls are selected every year in Gurukul.The basic aim of Nachiketa Gurukul is to make boys and girls energetic, ascetic, self-respecting and patriots like Nachiketa. This important work is done under the support, cooperation and guidance of specially qualified intellectuals of the society.

What are the eligibility for admission in Gurukul?

1. The student must have secured at least 75 percent marks in class 10th or 12th.

2. The combined annual income of the student's mother and father should not exceed three lakh rupees.

3. Selection will be done on the basis of marks obtained in multiple choice test (50 marks) and interview (50 marks). All the decisions and relaxations will be fully under the selection committee of Nachiketa Gurukul.

What facilities are given to the boys and girls in Gurukul?

1. Selected students are given admission in appropriate school/college/other educational institution as per their merit and rules of Gurukul.

2. Arrangements are made for the accommodation, food, library and tuition fees of the selected students.

3. From time to time, the administrative officers and experts provide proper guidance to the students for future building counseling and competitive examinations as per the requirement.

4. Special care is taken of students' health, sports, exercise, yoga, and their culture.

How is the management of Gurukul done?

Nachiketa Gurukul is an executive body of the institution whose office bearers are elected by its members. The officials look after the work of the Gurukul. At present, there is a plan to bear the estimated amount for the regular expenditure of Gurukul by 365 special members. 5100 to such special member. He is discharging the burden which is equivalent to one day's food expenditure of Gurukul. Due to lack of cooperation in regular expenditure and other schemes and arrangements of Gurukul, other contribution amount is also taken from different sections of the society.

Annual Event

Every year on January 12, the annual seminar of Gurukul is organized. Keep in mind that on this day the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the source of inspiration of the Gurukul comes.

What are the future plans of Gurukul?

There is a plan to make “Nachiketa Gurukul Academy” by acquiring a suitable land near Jaipur by Gurukul. In which about 1000 students will have accommodation, restaurant, library, computer lab, science laboratory, study room, sports place, assembly hall etc. A provision has been proposed.

Volleyball centers will be set up at 700 different places in 20 tehsils of 10 districts of Rajasthan state to ensure all round development of youth (physical, mental and intellectual) and participation of youth in nation building through sports.